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New Patient Call Tracking will stop you from wasting another penny on ineffective advertising and marketing campaigns!

Now you can focus your spending on things you know will generate New Patients!

  • Know with certainty what your website is generating for your practice
  • Track every marketing piece and know which pieces are working
  • Eliminate all guesswork - know your call source
  • Determine your own market trends
  • Discover which efforts are generating the most new patients for you – and which ones aren't
  • Compare and contrast ad campaigns and mediums

Our phone call tracking software is a smart investment for dental and medical practices who are tired of wasting their marketing dollars!

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New Patient Call Tracking’s data-driven system determines exactly where New Patients who call your office are coming from.

Here are just a few of the great features included in this remarkable phone call tracking software...

  • Assign a unique phone number to each website, advertising or marketing campaign
  • Call Tracking - Immediate Return on InvestmentRecord every call to understand your new patients and their needs
  • Works in the background: Clients are unaffected by – and unaware of – the call tracking service
  • Better manage your time, money and staff
  • Know every new patient's phone number, location, and address
  • View caller locations on an easy-to-understand heat map

Guessing on advertising and marketing campaigns can cost a lot of money in no time. Our phone call tracking software eliminates the guesswork!

Our phone call tracking software even helps you manage your office staff. Know what your new patients are asking and what they're being told.

With New Patient Call Tracking you can...

  • Track and record all of your new patient calls - you'll know exactly who called you and from where
  • Receive a notification whenever a call is received or missed
  • Return calls to new patients that may have called after office hours - even if they didn't leave a message!
  • Know what your staff is saying to your potential new patients
  • Know what your new patients are saying to your staff
  • Know how satisfied new patients are with your office and the handling of their calls
  • Improve your staff's call-handling skills
  • Receive real-time reports online or via email (you can even customize reports!)
  • Determine your practice's new patient closing ratio.
  • Record calls and listen to them later

Phone call tracking software is currently in use by a multitude of dental and medical practices that know how important it is to track their new patient call source and volume!

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