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If you’re reading this, you’re already ahead of your competitors!

Because you already know that the number one secret of New Patient Call Tracking is:

more effective marketing = more new patients = more profit $$

Are you ready to bring in those new patients and save money doing it?

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Need a little more information? Are you wondering, "Okay, sounds good on paper, but how does it really work?"

Great question! Let me show you just how easy it is!

I should know; I’m Dr. Larry Fendrich, the dentist who created the first health care credit card, the first electronic dental supply ordering and the first website business- all exclusively for Dentists.  And now I’ve created the only New Patient Call Tracking service geared specifically for Dentists.

A few years ago, I was introduced to other call tracking services – ones that were geared for big business – and was impressed with their effectiveness. But I noted there was nothing like it for my own industry.

I began to wonder: what if there was a way to know what was getting new patients to call? What if there was a way to assess how my staff was handling those calls? What if…what if…what if….my mind kept racing with ideas.

So I was inspired to create New Patient Call Tracking for the dental industry. I put a top-notch team together and tried it out myself. And you know what happened?

My new patient growth exploded to a new all-time high!

Now that I knew my New Patient Call Tracking system worked, I was ready to share it with other dentists!

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As a dentist, I know how busy we can get, so I wanted to make sure the system was easy to set up, easy to use and easy to manage. So I broke the process down into these three steps. Take a look:

Easy to set up

Sign up
It's quick and easy so you can get started sooner.

Get local phone numbers
Local phone numbers are assigned to your practice and forwarded to your main office line. Multiple numbers allow for more call volume.

Unique tracking numbers
This is one of the essential pieces to the success of New Patient Call Tracking. Each campaign you have – website, online marketing, postcard, social media, brochure, print ads, radio and TV commercials – is assigned a unique tracking number. This makes it incredibly easy to see which campaigns are working and which aren't.

Assign "whispers" to each tracking number
Whispers are a verbal alert that your staff will hear after they pick up the phone but before the line is actually connected. You can assign any verbal alert you want - they might say "website" or "search engine marketing" – so you know immediately which campaign got the new patient to pick up the phone and call you!

Notification setup
You decide how and when you want to be notified about incoming calls. Know every time a call is completed or missed. Or if you like to keep your inbox clean, you don’t have to be notified at all. But you'll still be able to access all the information at any time from any computer.

Easy to use

Now that your account is set up, let’s talk about how New Patient Call Tracking actually works.

With everything in place, the process of tracking calls and sending information into the database is automatic. You don’t have to lift a finger.

A (forwarded) call comes in...
But in this case, there’s so much more to that call!

This potential new patient - let's call him Mike - saw your ad in his local paper. That ad had a unique phone number and call tracking number. So when he dials, he’s telling the New Patient Call Tracking system that your advertisement worked! This information goes into the New Patient Call Tracking system database automatically.

Patient's location and telephone number are secured
When the patient calls in, the system automatically grabs their phone number and location and sends it to the database.

The whisper leads the way
Let's say Pattie picks up the call in your office. The first thing she hears is the whisper alert "newspaper ad," and then the call is connected – but only Pattie hears it, the patient doesn't hear that alert at all.

Call is recorded
As Pattie and Mike chat, the call is recorded. This works in the background; there's no beeping or other noises, so neither Mike or Pattie will be distracted from their conversation.

You’re notified by email
From a link in that email, you can actually listen to the call right after it's happened!

...which leads me to...

Easy to manage and control

Since calls are recorded, tracked and sent automatically to your New Patient Call Tracking database, everything you need is right at your fingertips.

Listen and learn.
Here's the first huge benefit: simply click the link in the email (or log in to your personal website) and listen to each call that came in!

  • Did Mike just need a cleaning or was he in some pain? Maybe he just wanted insurance information. Did he ask for an appointment?
  • How did Pattie handle the call? Did she make an appointment? Did she offer him an appointment?  Was she cordial and pleasant with him? Did she forget to get his information so you could follow-up with him?

Call back any missed – or mishandled – calls
Since every caller's number and location goes into the system, you have the option to contact them and show what great customer service you have:

  • Maybe Peter called at lunchtime or after hours, but no one picked up and so he didn't leave a message. Pattie can call him back: "I'm sorry we missed your call last night, Peter. How can we help?"
  • If Pattie really blew the call with Mike, you can have your office manager, Donna, call him back: "I'm so sorry for the inconvenience. I understand you have some pain in your back molar. Would you like to come in today?"

Easy to read campaign reports
This is the biggest money saver. By running comparison reports, you can tell which campaigns are working and which aren't! Maybe Mike is one of just a few people that saw your TV ad. But Peter is one of hundreds of people that saw your practice online through your search engine marketing.

This means you know you can stop spending money on the TV ad and bump up your efforts with search engine marketing.

You’ll stop spending money on the campaigns that don’t work and invest in the ones that do!

Map the Call
You don't just get caller ID, you get to locate exactly where your new patient is calling from by clicking on the Google map! This lets you know instantly which areas are being affected by your campaigns.

Run reports by patient location
With all that information through Google, you'll know which areas are being reached well and which aren't, so you can adjust your campaigns accordingly.

Web analytics
Know everything you need to know about how your website is functioning - which keywords and online ads are working and which page is getting new patients to submit a form or call your office.

One online portal for it all!
Everything truly is at your fingertips! One online portal allows you to listen to recorded calls, run reports and check web analytics – any time, anywhere.

New Patient Call Tracking truly gives you everything you need to successfully grow your practice!

I'm Ready! I Want to BUY NOW!

Still not sure? Let's review:

Tracked calls and easy-to-run reports mean you know which campaigns are working and which are falling flat. How does that help?

You can save money by dropping campaigns that aren't working and investing in the ones that are.

Recorded calls mean you can hear both sides of the conversation between the patient and the staff member. How does this help?

You know what the patients really need, so you can address those needs in your marketing pieces.

You know what your staff's challenges are, so you can give them better training to help them be more effective.

So what does all of that mean?

more effective marketing = more new patients = more profit $$

I'm Ready! I Want to BUY NOW!

I created this New Patient Call Tracking product for dentists just like you and me. You care about your patients and you care about your practice. Isn’t it time you helped them both?

Stay ahead of the competition with New Patient Call Tracking and watch your practice grow and grow... and grow!


Good luck!

Laurence E. Fendrich, DMD
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